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Random Humour

I love random humour and I know you do too. So here are some comics that made me laugh:


That one (and others) can be found at Raymondo Person by Patrick Alexander. Thanks to Untwisted Vortex for publicising this one.

Now to the Perry Bible Fellowship – terribly terribly random:


It occurs to me that some may find these offensive. To those people I say, tough. They make me laugh. And I hope they make you laugh too.

Ah go on, have another one:


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  1. J_K9 says:

    Haha! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Michael says:

    Haha. Just passing by and stumbled across that comic. Thanks for making me laugh.

  3. Funny stuff. That pig stopped choking the chicken to do what?!
    Is that first cartoon why you get so much search traffic for lesbians?

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  4. Ray says:

    Unless “choking” is a euphemism for something else, the pig is definitely not hurting the chicken!!

    And yes, the lesbian cartoon is the secret of my success. Lonely people looking for pictures get to see that cartoon. And “”, I get searched on that a lot!

    Rays last blog post..Slackware vs Kubuntu: A Subjective Review

  5. MrCorey says:

    Adn, now, you’ll get even more hits on the term on this post! LOL

  6. Ray says:

    Funny, that! It does make me smile when I see the search stats for this site. So the humour is even more random :)

    Rays last blog post..Slackware vs Kubuntu: A Subjective Review

  7. Hahahaha, I hadn’t seen that last one before. Awesome. Now I have some fantastic new dance moves. I can be continental and sophisticated.

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  8. tata says:

    lol the lesbian one wqs fucking funny so wqas the pig having sex with the chicken

  9. [...] please post a comment to let me know your route.  Did you search for Lesbians and find that this was not the site you were looking for?  (and that is still the number one [...]

  10. hilarious. :D i see… so this is the lesbian post… :)

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  11. That French dance thing is amazing. I’m going to learn it and perform it for my friends.

  12. The lesbian one is a good one so is the pig and chicken. The french one no need they make me laugh no matter what so no jokes needed.

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  13. Body Kits says:

    hahah! the lesbian cartoon was awesome.

  14. hahahaha loved it. really good.. loved them

  15. Red Wine says:

    Is that first cartoon why you get so much search traffic for lesbians?