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Lesbianism Works For Me

Here’s something odd. I have purposely avoided writing about sexual topics – that I recall. Not because I have this plan to have a fluffy, cuddly site. Not because I find it distasteful (I don’t). But simply because I have no wish to write about it. Your sex life, and my sex life, is completely private and I don’t wish to inform the world about it. Just assume I’m a total stud and you won’t go far wrong.

Because I’m a sad type, I installed a plugin called Stats (and yes, I am well aware that this is not on to see, well, stats on the site. It is written and maintained by Andy Skelton and, in line with most WordPress plugins, is easy to install/upgrade and does what it says on the tin. This plugin shows things like a pretty graph to show your hits over various time periods and what people click on.

How do these two paragraphs relate? Well I’m glad you asked. Looking at my stats, I was unsurprised to see that I have few hits. Not bothered. I’m not doing this for a living. I was, however, completely surprised to see that over the last two days 107 people have visited my site after searching for variations on the word “lesbians”. Furthermore, one of the links people click to get to my site is from – and online dictionary and thesaurus – and is, you guessed it, “lesbians“.

It seems that because of this post, I have become a popular place to look for lesbians. Because I’m a cynical sort, I doubt that women are coming here looking for advice on coming out – there are many better places to look for advice on that issue. I just find it funny that men (and you know they are men) are looking for material for a night alone and getting to my site. So, to all you furtive visitors, welcome. Stick around, see if there’s anything you like, post a comment.

(Incidentally, I do not know the sites I linked to in the final paragraph and have no idea whether the advice they give is good or worthwhile.  I hope it is.  Ironically, I googled for a term and found them that way.)

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  1. Don says:


    Now I don’t care WHO you are, THAT’s Funny. Several years ago, I came home from work and the
    wife snickered and called me to her computer. Now, you have to understand, my wife is a perfect
    lady and never uses profanity of any kind.

    She had a brower open and typed in and hit . I was shocked she typed
    that to begin with. Thinking the WORST, the site came up and it was someone’s joke as they
    remarked about folks wanting to see “donkey sex”. Well, that site has now change to a PORN site!
    There always has to be someone to ruin a good laff.

    Hope you and your’s are doing well. We’ve had a change of Seasons as it has rained and turned
    a tad cooler. The “highs” here are now in the 70′s(F) as opposed to the low 90′s and the nights
    are in the 40′s instead of the low 70′s. FALL is here, thank goodness.

    73 (Best Regard),
    Don/Amateur Radio – KA5LQJ
    Shreveport, LA. USA

  2. J_K9 says:

    HAHA! Unlucky there, Ray! :D

    Apparently, the majority of the visitors who arrive at my site via Google searches are looking for “Ubuntu tutorial.” That’s great, except it leads to one of my posts in which I link to someone ELSE’s Ubuntu tutorial, haha! They should be _paying_ me for all those extra hits! :P

  3. drew says:

    From the referral links for my own site, I’m suprised the number one term now that bring people to my site is my rant about the woman who had her seventeenth child. Yes, It seems searching in google for “seventeen children”, I’m the number two hit.

    Before that, it was my vmware installation and another big hit now in contention is my celebrity top ten list. ;)

  4. Ray says:

    usually people come to me looking for “Ubuntu wallpaper” and “Slackware”, which is fine if a bit weird that they come to me for those things.

    Don – welcome to the site, feel free to stick around :)

  5. was fascinated by your recent post, so i thought i’d snoop around looking for your lesbian posts. :)

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  6. It’s really funny to see odd things like this. In one of my blogs, I’m getting traffic from the word “superman,” but guess what my blog is about….it’s into cooking! lol

  7. shocked by the title of this post at first