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Yet another small change to the site. When will the madness end? RT Cunningham and Corey Thompson have both mentioned recently that they have enabled subscriptions by email. This is because people’s RSS feed readers tend to get very clogged over time and because not everyone has one. So I installed the Subscribe2 plugin tonight.

If you look to the top of the page, you’ll see a new entry on the menu bar: Subscribe. Click the link and fill in your email address and you too can receive posts by mail.


  1. Sasha from Aromatherapy Essential Oils:

    I just love plugins! Smart people that I am very thankful for, just keep coming up with new ones! It’s great! Makes the blogging world so much more interesting!


  2. Ray:

    I think we’re all pretty grateful to them - otherwise we’d have to create our own!


  3. Riggie from internet business for beginners:

    I use the subscribe on my blog too and it works great.

    The best way to build a list on your blog is to get your visitors to subscribe if they like your content.

    It’s really the way to go to build a good relationship with your list.


    Riggie@internet business for beginnerss last blog post..7 Steps To Write A Business Plan


  4. Ray:

    That’s the idea. I have a number of great friends who drop by most days, but I would like to add readers and get them to stick around.


  5. Stephan Miller:

    I prefer a feed reader but on my blog, half of my subscriber’s sign up via email, so this is a very good move. Which service does it use? Feedburner?

    Stephan Millers last blog post..The Second of Three CommentLuv Blog Lists - 100 Blogs


  6. Ray:

    No, it just emails you an extract of the post made. Nice and simple!

    Rays last blog post..A New Adventure!


  7. MrCorey:

    Ray, I was wondering, since you have installed Whoopra, does it seem to indicate anything in relation you your outbound email traffic? I was curious, as I haven’t installed it.


  8. Ray:

    I haven’t seen anything show up to be honest. I suspect that it’ll mean checking mail logs rather than Woopra.

    Rays last blog post..A New Adventure!


  9. Dj from Ball Marks:

    Like some of the others I prefer the feed , but people want options and the more the merrier, god move on your part , my email list now outnumbers my feed subscribers

    Dj@Ball Markss last blog post..Investing in Variable Annuities A Valuable Option | Investing In Annuities | Variable | Fixed


  10. Ray:

    I’m nothing if not accessible!

    Rays last blog post..Schrödinger’s Pants


  11. ilahiler:

    I haven’t seen anything show up to be honest. I suspect that it’ll mean checking mail logs rather than Woopra.

    Rays last blog post.

    ilahilers last blog post..Regaib Gecesi Nedir ( Bu Gece Ne Yapmalıyız )


  12. Ray:

    Well so far no one has subscribed. Not unexpected


  13. Louise from Easiest Finger Appetizers:

    Subscriptions is one area where I need to do a lot of work. I keep going back and forth about going to Feedburner but I don’t want to lose control of my feed. One thing I really like about feedburner is the option to email the feed; this Subscribe2 plugin may fix that issue for me in another way.

    Louise@Easiest Finger Appetizerss last blog post..Paula Dean’s Cheesy Shrimp on Grits Toast Appetizer Recipe


  14. sohbet:

    I haven’t seen anything show up to be honest.


  15. Ray:

    I couldn’t see anything obvious in the dashboard - are you sure the mail hasn’t been marked as spam?

    Actually, I don’t see any subscribers. Could you try again?

    Final edit - there were a few addresses that needed me to manually confirm them. You should now get the emails.


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