Short Thoughts on Easter Monday

  • I am not smarter than a 10 year old.  On the other hand, I can quite easily beat one in a fight and I can get served in pubs.  So who wins now, eh?
  • Google may be far more evil than Microsoft and Apple put together.  But they have convinced us otherwise.  Which doubles their evil.
  • Our politicians do, indeed, think we are stupid.  Unfortunately we prove them right every election day.
  • My tolerance for noise seems to decrease every year.  By the time I am 60 I won’t be happy unless I am living in one of those sensory deprivation things.
  • In just under 5 weeks I am getting married.  And then am having 4 weeks off work to recove.. I mean enjoy my honeymoon.
    • The spammers are going to love the fact that I am off – comments may get disabled for that period….
  • I have so many ideas for great novels.  if only I had the time, skill, knowledge and patience to do something about it.
  • Britain needs more public holidays.  Or at least, better spaced out holidays.
  • Every year is the year of the apocalypse.  Why can’t they get it right?  Who do I complain to and can I get a refund?
  • I have too many scruples.  This means I can’t get rich by fleecing the public.  I need a scruplectomy.
  • The traditional British spring weather is rainy.  Unfortunately, so is the traditional British summer, autumn and winter weather.

I hope these thoughts give you as much pleasure as they do me.

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