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Soon, this blog shall be moving home.  Mine host has decided to go for a better deal.  And no matter what you all say, I trust him on this implicitly.  There will be some preparatory changes, most of which you won’t notice.  The one that you will notice is that I shall be disabling comments during the move.  This is so that none of your wonderful comments are lost during the move.  If the move happens close enough to my extended holiday/honeymoon they will be re-enabled sometime in week 3 of June (or maybe week 4).  Otherwise, I’ll just tease you by re-enabling them and then disabling them.  Depending on how the mood takes me.

If this all goes as well as I think it will, you won’t really notice the move.  Otherwise, well, stock up on tinned food and ammo and batten down the hatches, it’s gonna be a cold cold winter.

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  1. MrCorey says:

    You have got to do what you have got to do. I hope all goes well with the move. You (or host) might want to talk to RT about how he moved last, as he pointed to the new IP, I think, before the DNS propagated.

    • ray says:

      The name servers will take up to 48 hours to propagate and the move should complete in the next 12-24 hours and Drew is a wiz at this sort of thing so I am not nervous at all!

  2. hari says:

    I'm thinking of getting a cheap VPS provider for my website as I can have more control of exactly what I need on the server. Most hosts don't provide SQLite 3 and lack a few features in terms of database.

    The two stumbling blocks for me are:
    1. cost of vps is quite high compared to shared hosting
    2. maintenance will be more at my end as I will be fully in charge of the software and security updates etc.

  3. olly says:

    hari – I have a VPS server and I find the flexibility extremely good. Add domains when you choose and control it how you like. If however you only have one site then I cannot see the point in the expense so I guess it just depends on the individuals needs.

    Ray – good luck with the move. It's always been a worry of mine since a move way back caused major issues! Hope yours runs smoothly and trouble free!

  4. hari says:

    olly, on the other hand, I will definitely say that I need more features than the average shared host can provide, so even for hosting 1 website, a VPS might be a good option if you need the features and flexibility.

  5. drew says:

    Nameservers changes still pointing to old servers so it's a waiting game to migrate the site. :(

    But yeah, I'm saddened a little to move from my own dedicated servers that I own, have full physical access to, full control over to a shared hosting plan. But so far, it's gone good. I can't beat going from the price I was paying to what the price is now. Literally 2 years of shared hosting costs as much as I was paying for one month for my co-located servers. And to top if all off, I still managed to get a dedicated IP along with unlimited bandwidth (old servers didn't even have that but then again, I never even got close to the amount allowed), unlimited disk space (old servers were only 36GB SCSI drives so having more space or unlimited is nice) and unlimited domains, with shell access as well.

    The only downside is yeah, having to share a server with a bunch of others but then again, looking at the server specs, it's like having 10 or 12 of my own servers rolled into one. I had dual PIII 1GHz machines with 2GB of memory. The shared server has 8CPU's at like 2.4GHz probably Xeon processors with 16GB of memory.

    But I agree with Hari, finding a good host that has SQLite and other database options instead of just MySQL or PostgreSQL is hard to find. You almost have to go VPS or have a dedicated server to get what you really need.

    I won't miss having to do the administration of the servers though. Doing that as a full time job takes the fun out of it with your own servers.

  6. hari says:

    Hi Drew,

    did you get my email about a reasonably cheap VPS option? I think you might find that a better mix between shared hosting and totally dedicated servers. On the other hand, if you are not keen on administrating it, I am more than willing to share the duties involved and the cost. I think if we all could contribute a share, we could easily host all our sites on a VPS and still not lose out on flexibility.

  7. drew says:

    Ray's host provider is just that awesome. :)

  8. We're hosting at the moment and it's really quite a bit of trouble! Maybe more than it's worth.. Tough industry!

  9. chat says:

    No problem. I'll be missing the dedicated servers but the new host seems good enough for our personal sites while saving a little dough in the process. Plus, adding unlimited bandwidth and disk space to the equation that my dedicated servers lacked, it's a nice trade off even though we might be on a server with other people on the 3rd party host provider. From what I can tell, the bandwidth is better and faster and the servers they're on is like combining 10 of my old servers together for CPU and processing power.

  10. Simon Wilby says:

    Good luck with your move. Just backup as always in case something goes wrong.

  11. I think if we all could contribute a share, we could easily host all our sites on a VPS and still not lose out on flexibility.

  12. Peter Rome says:

    SO congrats on that happening and hope to find it soon!