Well, it’s taken me around 10 months to write up these posts and we’re now at the end of the television series.  This series was a big part of my childhood and pretty much spoiled me for “normal” sci-fi or horror.  Not for me the joys of “pew pew lasers!” shows or simple non-psychological horror.  No, I want my shows to be a little unusual and thoughtful.

Hopefully, I have ignited a small spark within you to find these shows and watch them to see what I’m on about.  I am completely serious about wanting these to be returned to the small screen and updated.  With the new Dr Who shows, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, The X Files, Lost, Heroes and so on the audiences of today have also shown that they want shows that are not strictly mainstream and that do interesting things within the genres.

Sapphire and Steel may well have languished forever, being just a part of UK TV history until Big Finish Productions began reviving series by moving them to a purely audio medium.  Their most successful series are the Dr Who audio plays, but they also managed to gain the rights to create a completely new set of episodes for Sapphire and Steel.  These plays have introduced an entirely new audience to the series, many of whom haven’t seen the TV shows at all.  As we shall also see, they have takent he series ina whole new direction without losing anything of the original feel of the shows.  They have also created and introduced new characters.

One warning,  It’s taken me almost a year to write just 8 posts (2 like this and 6 on the episodes).  The Big Finish productions have 15 episodes, so this may take a little while to do!

I am indebted to for the episode guides used for these posts – they prompted my memory meaning that I didn’t have to keep watching bits of the shows to write these.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

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  1. StancjeNo Gravatar says:

    This is something completely new to me. I consider myself a s-f fan, but I haven't even heard of Sapphire and Steel. Since I've lately come to the conclusion that ~90% of the s-f we see on tv is pure crap produced for idiots, this might be something that I've been looking for. Something that will actually challenge my intellect (not that it's that huge … it's just on standby ;) )
    If you like unusual shows, check out 2 series produced by SciFi channel – "Dresden Files" and "Sanctuary". Both went down before reaching the end of season one, this means they must have been doing something right ;)

    • xavierpNo Gravatar says:

      The Dresden Files was fun but they really strayed too far away from the books, which is a shame as the books are action packed and are quite funny. The character of Murphy was terrible in the show.

  2. I have a s ring and I get compliments on it all the time

  3. Tai SlimNo Gravatar says:

    I am happy to find this rare review from you blog. Thanks for the same.

  4. Cap SteelNo Gravatar says:

    I think I steered clear of a lot of sci-fi (like many of my generation) because it wasn't thoughtful. That said, the few I did stumble across (LOVED X-Files) were nearly immediate favorites. May have to do some further digging with this in mind…