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Left For Wed

Did it, had a fantastic time and am now fully married.  Thanks to all of you who wished us well, it was a great ceremony and Helen looked beautiful.  Pictures are after the jump and all can be clicked for biggererness:

Before the ceremony

Before the ceremony

The ceremony, as viewed by the common pygmy

The ceremony, as viewed by the common pygmy

With this ring, she me wed....

With this ring, she me wed....

At this point, it's too late to do anything else...

At this point, it's too late to do anything else...

The (very) happy couple

The (very) happy couple

She's way out of my league

She's way out of my league

Esther and Leanne

Esther and Leanne

Esther and Angela

Esther and Angela

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  1. hariNo Gravatar says:

    Wait, is this the first hi-res photo I'm seeing of you? :-)

  2. rayNo Gravatar says:

    It certainly is!

  3. You and that big cheesy grin. Congrats. May you catch up with my 24 years as soon as possible. :-)

  4. Drug RehabNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats on gettting married. You and the new wife look great together

  5. Health CareNo Gravatar says:

    wow, congratulations! Helen really look beautiful and you really seems to be happy. Congratz!

  6. Congratulation! These really great!

  7. Drug RehabNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great post!

  8. C RicheyNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats! May you enjoy many, many years of happiness.

  9. SahNo Gravatar says:

    ahh Leanne's all grown up. You guys look so happy :) so cool!!!

  10. DaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi I just found your blog but I couldn't help viewing the photos :) It looks like such a lovely wedding, and such nice weather.

  11. o.d.No Gravatar says:

    Ahhh look at the smile.. am so happy for you! A very lovely wedding indeed :)

  12. DevinNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations my dear friend Ray! I can't wait to marry my sweet baby who commented above me!

  13. AlcoholismNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations! You two look very happy together

  14. RegalsystemeNo Gravatar says:

    Hello buddy nice post. I have bookmarked your site.

  15. You really look great on those pictures! Congratz man!

  16. festivalNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations. Looks like a great day

  17. Very nice photograph.It looks beautiful.Couple are looking very beautiful. thanks for the sharing..

  18. Congratulations. Looks like a nice little celebration with only closest friends and family. I hope you had fun!

  19. Good read :-) I stumbled upon your blog recently, and it's good to see that not everybody is exclusively into micro-blogging and Twitter :)

  20. Way to go! Go anywhere for the honeymoon?

  21. CarsNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats, I hope you had a great day

  22. Simon WilbyNo Gravatar says:

    Better to be late than never; Congrats on your special day!

  23. ZachNo Gravatar says:

    wow, taking the plunge. that takes some real guts.

  24. flashlight zNo Gravatar says:

    How long were you guys dating before you slipped her the ring?

  25. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Hope you had a great day. It seemed like it!

  26. congratulations on your special day!

  27. GryfinoNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats, looks like everyone had a great time! But I hope you're already back from you honeymoon and ready to post more stuff for as.

  28. PorokaNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations! Where in Florida did you stay? I'm not planning to marry in the next 10 years but I'm already picking the right destinations if I choose to :) . Caribbean sound really good to me.

  29. SireNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations Ray, I wish you guys all the best. You look great together and I pray that all your days together will be joyful ones.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..What Made The Baby Boomers So Strong? =-.

  30. Congrats! Hope it was a lovely time for you :)
    .-= Bathurst Hotel´s last blog ..Knickerbocker hotel launches! =-.

  31. Congrats! Very funny title. made me lol. i hope it was the intention of it :)

  32. left for wed // left 4 dead..

  33. bingoNo Gravatar says: