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Archive of entries posted on April 2010

The Psychic Mafia

I am indebted to the Bad Psychics forums for pointing me at an online copy of the book “The Psychic Mafia“.  This book exposes the tricks of psychics and how they are used to con the unwitting.  I have reproduced the book on this site – you can start reading it by looking at the [...]

New Pair of Pants

Hi Funsters! The ever marvellous SriniG, author of my normal blog wear Fluid Blue, has created this theme – it’s called F2 and is built off the Fluid Blue base. I’m giving it a go: trying it on, looking in the mirror and pulling at the seams.  Already, I prefer how it handles the blockquotes.  [...]

1.1 – The Passenger

This is a choo-choo train Puffing down the track. Now it’s going forward. Now it’s going back. In this, the first outing for David Warner and Susannah Harker, our eponymous heroes meet on a train.  Their “target” is Philip Burgess, a steam train enthusiast and antique book seller.  While investigating, they realise that each of [...]

The Bible – Men and Balls

Genesis 21 tells of the birth of Isaac and the bitchiness of Sarah.  While Sarah wasn’t bearing children (maybe as a result of being continually pimped out by Abraham?), she was happy for a servant called Hagar to bear the heir.  The second that Isaac is born, Sarah gets rid of Hagar and child.  Clearly [...]