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Slackware vs Kubuntu: A Subjective Review

Long time fans of this space will be aware that I’m a Slacker.  However, when something wasn’t working as easily as it could, I installed Kubuntu to see what the latest version (Hardy Heron) was like and whether it could tempt me to switch permanently. Firstly, even though all Linux distros are pretty identical at [...]

Test Driving Kubuntu 8.04

For all of my love of control and the other great stuff that comes with my usual distro, I also like to try out new things and see what’s going on elsewhere. To that end I decided to give Kubuntu a go. And I have been pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the install itself. When you first [...]

What Gael Did Next – Ulteo Online Desktop

Gael Duval is the creator of Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva, since the merger with Connectiva Linux). Gael left Mandriva in March 2006 and went on to start a new project called Ulteo. Mandrake was the first distro I persuaded to install and was, for some time, my alternate work PC. Interestingly, he was fairly quiet [...]

Picking the Best Open Source Project

I’m pretty sure I’ve addressed this before in some way or another, but I think it bears repeating. I’ve been seeing a new influx of posts on “which is the best distro?” and frankly it’s getting a bit dull. Newsflash: there is no “best” distro. Every one has their strengths and their weaknesses and every [...]

Slackware 12 in Da House

Having tried a number of different distros over the years, I always enjoy reinstalling and running Slackware. For a number of reasons, I was running Kubuntu for a while – if you need to be up and running in little time and have a fully functional and straightforward desktop, you could do a lot worse [...]

Part 3

Get me, I’m a Debian user. Who would have thought that, around a month ago when I decided to try a different distro, that it would stick. I tried installed PC Linux OS to try it out, but something went wrong during a large set of updates and I realised that I had no inclination [...]