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Left For Wed

Did it, had a fantastic time and am now fully married.  Thanks to all of you who wished us well, it was a great ceremony and Helen looked beautiful.  Pictures are after the jump and all can be clicked for biggererness: Continue reading ‘Left For Wed’ »

Better Off Wed

Shutting down for the night.  Tomorrow is the big day…..

Married Life. Coming Soon.

Those of you who can see me on Facebook will be aware that I changed my status some time ago to “engaged”.  I have gone from saying “no way, not ever” to “let’s set a date”.  I am nothing, if not inconsistent.  So yeah, I’m getting married.

Because we are both practical people (and a variety of other reasons) this is going to be an extremely quick and simple wedding.  We have booked a local registrar’s office for next May, there will be space for us and 4 guests and the whole thing takes minutes apparently.  For anyone reading this and looking to get married and not wanting to go through the hassle of the full ceremony and wondering who will sit where can do what I did.

It really is very simple and pretty damn low cost.  In fact, I don’t think there is a cheaper option which still ends up with you being legally married.  Obviously, this comes with a massive caveat: make sure your intended is happy doing this.  Proudly saying you have organised a quick, simple and cheap wedding when s/he would like the full monty does not mean that you will be off to a good start….  Anyway, do this:

  • Find your nearest registrar’s office and phone them up
  • Ask them for the availability on 2 or more preferred dates
  • Explain that you just want the quick legal ceremony (this is the bare basics, you will be married but won’t have the expected floweriness.  Or flowers.)
  • Answer simple questions – who are you, are you British, are you free to marry, that sort of thing.
  • Pay £43.50 over the phone by debit or credit card (price correct today, it is subject to change though)
  • Put the phone down and then tell the very small number of people and your witnesses where and when
  • …..
  • Profit!

Well, maybe not the last one, but you then have lots of money (hopefully) to have an awesome honeymoon happy in the knowledge that saying that you are on your honeymoon means people may give you free stuff!!

Speaking of honeymoons, where to go??  The Netherlands, Amsterdam to be specific, is romantic.  If you like far flung and exotic places, travel to China.  You could even try Lake Powell houseboat rentals if you want something different!  And a little bird tells me that Olongapo is very pleasant…..

We’re actually spending about 3 weeks in Florida because it’s a fantastic tourist spot and we like lots of sunshine and air conditioned hotels….

So yeah, for the followers of Ray news, I will be totally off the market in about 7 months and then I’ll have just 12 months until my first wedding anniversary.  Scary stuff and I suspect this means that I’m that bit closer to becoming an adult.

So in summary: engaged now, married next year, cheap and cheerful ‘cos that’s all we need, awesome long honeymoon/holiday.

WordPress 2.6.2

Another quick heads up peeps.  WordPress 2.6.2 is out and you should update ASAP – especially if you

allow registrations on your blog.

See the WordPress Dev Blog for details, but in short the new update fixes the SQL Column Truncation vulnerability and the weakness of mt_rand().  Apparently other PHP apps are vulnerable too – read the WP Dev Blog entry.

This version also fixes a bunch of new bugs.  I’ll be updating in the next 24 hours and would advise you to do the same.  Don’t forget to deactivate and then reactivate your plugins – and if you haven’t upgraded for a few versions, check their compatibilities.

Give Blood Regularly

Now that you’ve read the title, the text should be of no surprise to you.  Yesterday I gave blood again, this

National Blood Service

National Blood Service

was my twentieth donation and it took me less than an hour.  I’m too much of a scaredy cat to donate bone marrow and I’m not nearly clever enough to be a doctor, so this is what I do to do my bit.

If everyone stopped giving blood now, there is around a week’s worth left.  Just think, one week’s worth of blood in the whole UK.  It costs you nothing, except an hour or so of your time once every 3 or 4 months and you can bask in the glow of having saved a life – who knows, it may be your life at risk without blood stocks.

It should also be noted that the nursing staff are extremely important to any blood drive.  These are the people who draw the blood and can answer all sorts of questions about the process.  They are responsible for making sure it gets from your arm to the transport safely and hygienically.  It needs to be said that, although their job looks simple, it is very valuable and an extremely responsible position. Don’t forget, although the role as we see it doesn’t appear taxing, they will still have attended nursing school to become qualified to do this.

So, go to to find your nearest donation centre and get signed up.

A New Adventure!

Another short post!  I have begun looking for a new job.  Nothing against my current employer, I just need a change after almost 10 years.  My search is UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

My CV is up to date and neat and tidy and my hair is combed.  Not really wanting to quit my job without a safety net really.  Achieving goals for my present employer is what I’m all about.  Now I just need someone to offer me an interview……

Anyway, wish me luck.