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Upgraded Again

Hey all – me again

I have just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress: version 2.2.1. It seems that there are security fixes and other goodies in there. All seems good to me, but let me know if anything seems untoward.

No idea what’s going on, but the utterly fab Spam Karma now works – so I have deactivated Akismet (which is a shame as it had just started working correctly) and reactivated SK2. And Bad Behaviour is also running. Which is nice.

What else? I’m still looking for the bestest theme in the universe – one which will work well, be customisable and won’t suck. And I’m fiddling with my plugins so that they all start working.

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  1. Dominic says:

    The new version clearly has a bug – it shows that you’ve made a post recently ;)

  2. Ray says:

    hehehe – yeah, I’ll fix that one straight away :)

  3. MrCorey says:

    Good luck on the theme quest. I still haven’t really found what I want either. This theme really doesn’t suck (although the ‘submit comment’ button is a tad on the malnourished side).

  4. MrCorey says:

    Hmm. Got a blank page on comment submission. Is that a bug or a feature? I’ll try again for testing purposes.

  5. MrCorey says:

    Happened again. That feature’s not a keeper. ;)

  6. hari says:

    Hm… I upgraded too.

  7. Ray says:

    Yeah, the whole comment thig happens to me too. This is a great theme. But. Bits are too small or too hidden and I just do not have the time or inclination to dig in and apply the fixes.

    So I am hunting for a nice clean theme again.