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So You Want to Start an Online Community…

Image via Wikipedia This is going to be a very non-specific post.  A thread I have been posting in over on has made me think – and you know what happens when I start thinking?  That’s right, I get sleepy.  And then I get writing.  This being the internet and bandwidth and server space [...]

WordPress 2.5.1

For all those of us running, just a heads up to say that a point released is available.  Previous big number release was 2.5 and this is 2.5.1. The Developer’s Blog has full details of the reasons for this upgrade, but in short: Performance improvements for the Dashboard, Write Post, and Edit Comments pages. [...]

What Do You Blog About (And Why?)

Feel free to emphasise any of the words in the title. No, this isn’t another “Seinfeld post“, at least, I hope that’s not how it comes out. Firstly, an apology: I do not consider myself qualified to write about blogging, beyond putting down my own experiences. If you are interested in the mechanics, there are [...]

Comment King – Again

Well, to all those naysayers, I say blerrt. Yet again I am the Comment King for Untwisted Vortex. Thanks RT, wonder if I can make it three times??

Comment King

Oh yes, I am indeed the Comment King. For week ending 5th April, anyway. R T Cunningham hosts a semi-regular contest for the Comment King or Queen on his blog. To take part is easy, all you have to do is to leave a comment against his posts on the specially crafted “comment area”. And [...]

Abandon Blog

I fancied a change from regular stuff today, so I decided to post a book review to my other site: Bookstuff. This was space that I got for free from when I signed up with them (very useful if you don’t want the hassle of finding a domain and maintaining it yourself) and it [...]