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The Erast Fandorin Mysteries

I enjoy reading a good detective novel. I prefer the more “hard boiled” detective, but once in a while I like to read about a more cerebral detective. The most famous of these is, of course, Sherlock Holmes. Erast Fandorin could well be described as a “Russian Holmes”. He applies logic to his dealings with [...]

Flat Earth News

Thanks to the Private Eye for running excerpts from this excellent book in the magazine. To step away from my main story, you should try to read at least one copy of the mag, it is the only real satirical magazine in the UK and the only publication which investigates and attacks all the parties [...]

Writing a Book? Use WordPress

Slightly misleading title maybe. If you have written a book (or books) and would like to put it online, you can use WordPress (either .com or .org) to organise the book to make it readable. These instructions will probably also work on other blogging platforms, but please check your software first and make necessary adjustments. – Free Books. Free Minds

If you browse through my Links page, clicking merrily away, you will have seen that I link to Yirmumah – a funny site, you should read it – by D J Coffman. For a few years now he has been publishing his strips in book format and selling them to readers around the world. Well, [...]