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New Plugin - IntenseDebate

As a fan of threaded comments, I decided to try out a new plugin - IntenseDebate.  This plugin allows for threaded comments, reply by email, commenter profiles and reputation points (though I may need to be sold on the value of this last one).  As with all WordPress plugins, the install is a matter of unzipping the file to your plugin folder and then activating it in the plugin section of the dashboard.

The plugin supports WordPress (duh!), Blogger, TypePad and Tmblr with more to come.

UPDATE - I have disabled the plugin.  Indexing the comments was taking too long, Commentluv and KeywordLuv were inactive and it was too much trouble.  This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the plugin - if I had started with IntenseDebate from the beginning, there would not have been any issues, but the wait was just too great.  Don’t let me put you off it - if I were to start a second blog, I would definitely install it.


Anyone who has commented on any of my posts will be aware that I have the CommentLuv plugin enabled on this site.  And lots of thanks to RT Cunningham of Untwisted Vortex for putting me onto this plugin.  You could do a lot worse than follow his advice on building SEO for your site.

For the uninitiated, how does CommentLuv work?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  By enabling CommentLuv on your blog, the plugin uses the feedreader associated with your commenter’s blog to list their last post.  So, by commenting on someone else’s post, you get to have your own post linked to.  No extra effort and no trouble.  In fact, if a lot of us use it, we will all end up with a nice little legitimate (very important) backlink - and we all do it for each other.  It’s probably not that clear, so here’s a picture to illustrate (click the pic for larger):

An example of CommentLuv

An example of CommentLuv

Just above the moderation buttons (of which, more later), we can see a link to RT’s last post at the time he wrote that comment.  The most current post of the commenter will be listed.  So if you post once a day, and comment here once a day, every comment will link to the current comment for that day.  For very little effort, your post has gained a backlink.

Why is this a good thing?  Well, for one, you don’t have to mail me to request I backlink to you (hint: unless your blog is really cool or I visit it regularly, I’ll probably not do it) and if you see how many different people leave posts on this site, you’ll see what a timesaver it is for me!  Another plus is that instead of just getting a link to your main site, you get a link to a particular post.  So you can focus your link - if I write a post about the UK government, for example, and you have a post about the government you have gained a focused backlink that is relevant.  Since, I hope, you were going to post here anyway, a free backlink is a good thing right?  Also, unless your post looks like automated spam, I won’t remove it - you don’t need to hide your link, I’m letting you leave it.

For blog authors, those moderator buttons (see, I told you I’d get back to it) save you a little effort - rather than having to go through your dashboard to moderate comments, under each comment in the post are a set of handy buttons to allow you to edit, delete, moderate (doesn’t delete, just moves it to the moderation queue) or mark as spam any comment.

This plugin is now at version 2.1 - if you haven’t already, update your version, there are new features coming up and you’ll need to register to see all of them.

Comment King

Comment King Award w/e 20080405Oh yes, I am indeed the Comment King. For week ending 5th April, anyway. R T Cunningham hosts a semi-regular contest for the Comment King or Queen on his blog. To take part is easy, all you have to do is to leave a comment against his posts on the specially crafted “comment area”. And that’s it really. The catch is that you have to leave more comments than any other commenter.

Oh, and don’t think you can just spam his site with a load of crap to get this highly prestigious and sought after award. Like most bloggers, most sensible bloggers anyway, RT keeps an eye out for spammers and other malcontents. So be sure to leave only useful and insightful posts. Only the finest artisan created posts get the chance to gain the award (award shown is actual size).

Aside from the award I assume there’s some sort of castle, kingdom and jewellery still to come. I can wait……