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On My PC There Are Many Viruses

Have a look at the screenshot below these words.
My PC is all infected with those nasty viruses.  I had no idea that my browsing was so unsafe and that I was such a poor computer user.  Oh, that’s right, I run Linux and I don’t have a C:/ or D:/ drive or any viruses.  As [...]

Wordpress 2.3.2 is out

65 days after 2.3.1 was released, the latest update is now out there. So get upgrading and don’t forget to upgrade any plugins that may need doing too.
Wordpress 2.3.2 in Detail
Wordpress 2.3.2 download – Free Books. Free Minds

If you browse through my Links page, clicking merrily away, you will have seen that I link to Yirmumah – a funny site, you should read it – by D J Coffman. For a few years now he has been publishing his strips in book format and selling them to readers around the world. [...]

Slackware 12 in Da House

Having tried a number of different distros over the years, I always enjoy reinstalling and running Slackware. For a number of reasons, I was running Kubuntu for a while – if you need to be up and running in little time and have a fully functional and straightforward desktop, you could do [...]

Slackware 12.0 Has Been Released

Hey Slack fans! The awaited release of Slackware 12.0 is upon us. Go to the website and get it.
Read the official announcement. Download the disk(s). If you like proper .iso files and don’t want the hassle of torrenting, look here – I know I did!
Revel in the fact that you run [...]