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Hunting for Answers

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Among the most elusive of all interview subjects, big game hunters must rank in the top 5.  Once, this was a popular past time for the rich, with the ever thinning population of most animals it has now become something of a rarity.  Many former hunters have become wardens, to ensure that enough of the pairs breed sufficiently to not die out.  Who knows, maybe future generations again will be able to hunt these creatures again for sport.

Through painstaking research and meetings in darkened rooms, in lonely huts and, once, in a 1970’s roller disco themed restaurant I had managed to make contact with one of the few remaining big game hunters.  Hunting is now limited to preserves that have a quota: these quotas are carefully balanced to provide funds for the preserve, a regular and controlled thinning of the herds and, of course, sport for the hunter.  Less scrupulous people, however, will take their sport where they can find it. Continue reading ‘Hunting for Answers’ »

Monkey Kick Off and Nanaca Crash

Monkey Kick Off has to be one of the most frustrating games I have played. The site gives this gem as instructions for playing:

It’s easy to play Monkey kick off – simply click your left mouse button or press any key on your keyboard to have Monkey kick the ball. Remember, you need to time it just right. Here’s a hint from Monkey himself:

“It’s all about the laws of physics. Think speed and angle for monster kicks.”

So, there you have it. Hopefully you’ll be able to do far better than me.  This is one of those games that can be played alone or against a friend.  Maybe you can play it with a partner to see who gets the highest score.  Maybe you could add it to your list of free “romantic” games for couples playable on the PC :)

However, for sheer playability, Nanaca Crash wins out.

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