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Archive of posts tagged humour

2 Piles of Excellent Please

As a notoriously lazy person, I like to receive free things for very little effort. It makes me almost want to exert myself. So,when  one of my satirical stops launched a competition to receive 3 free signed copies of new detective novels and all they wanted was for entrants to retweet stories, well, I was [...]

Lesbianism Works For Me

Here’s something odd. I have purposely avoided writing about sexual topics – that I recall. Not because I have this plan to have a fluffy, cuddly site. Not because I find it distasteful (I don’t). But simply because I have no wish to write about it. Your sex life, and my sex life, is completely [...]

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me is back on TV. Us UK types can catch it on the Sci-Fi channel. This is a very blackly funny show about the daily lives of a team of grim reapers. The team help certain people pass over to the other side. The humour comes because they have to also live their [...]

The Book With No Name – Anonymous

This book was first seen on the internet, the author followed up by self-publishing it and then a publisher picked it up. It’s origins do show in the writing and the pace, however towards the middle of the book it settles down nicely and becomes a fast paced well-written humourous book. The book tells the [...]

Random Humour

I love random humour and I know you do too. So here are some comics that made me laugh: That one (and others) can be found at Raymondo Person by Patrick Alexander. Thanks to Untwisted Vortex for publicising this one. Now to the Perry Bible Fellowship – terribly terribly random: It occurs to me that [...]