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I Installed Windows 7

So, having a spare hard drive, I installed the system on my Dell Latitude D600. Yep, I accept that this is an older machine, but shouldn’t that mean it would be more supported? Only outside of Redmond it appears. The only way to get Windows to recognise and use the sound and video cards was to get the XP and Windows 2000 drivers and install them using the compatibility function. By the way, the compatibility function worked very very well. However, in the sense of supported hardware, Linux wins hands down.


Because I hold you all in such high regard (*pause, gesture, sincere forehead*) I’m going to come clean about a few things.  Things you need to know about. (*pause, gesture, furrowed brow*).  Some of these things you will have noticed immediately, others you may not have (*look around, meeting everyone’s eye, sincere half-smile*). My all-knowing [...]

WordPress 2.7

As predicted by me old mucker Mr Corey, I am letting you know that I have now installed 2.7 – this is a major milestone and gives an entirely new look to the dashboard.  Get it here and learn about the install here and the upgrade here. users were upgraded a few days [...]

PlayOnLinux – Play Games On Linux

I discovered this via an LXer newsfeed on Most Linux users should know about the Wine project and about the Cedega project and even about CrossOver Office – the aim of these programs is to run Windows programs, games and office type programs easily on Linux. There are problems with each program – Wine [...]

Slackware Linux Installation Methods

As any reader of this blog will know, I am a big fan of installing from source. My OS of choice, Slackware, makes this very easy and doesn’t break anything if you do this. I am, though, well aware that this isn’t for everyone – in fact, I break my own rule if it’s convenient. [...]

Installing KMyMoney

Windows users have long had the very well known apps MS Money and Quicken to enable them to manage their finances. Both have been around for a number of years and are mature products in software terms. Those of us running Linux, however, have our own options. If you really need either of the 2 [...]