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You Got Here How??

It occurs to me that I haven’t done a navel gazing post in ages. Which means we are long overdue one and, because it’s both my site and my rules, you have to sit through another one. Lucky you. So, how people got here. Filthy minded people are still my primary resource. Welcome perverts and [...]

I Know How You Got Here!

Inspired by Stevo‘s post on Wonderful Search Terms and hoping to jump on the internet meme bandwagon, here are the top 20 searches for this site. Firstly, I know what the number one search term for this site is and I know it without checking.  I find it fantastic that particular search term brings so [...]

How Did You Get Here?

This may seem to be a little nosy, but I have been looking at the various visitors and posters that come here and while I can probably guess in some cases, I am genuinely curious as to how my visitors come here. Now, my reason for being here is obvious – it’s my site.  Some [...]

Woopra – Website Analytics

I have long been curious about how people find my site and what they do when they get here. There are a number of plugins you can install for WordPress, but there isn’t (as far as I know) one tool which shows everything. And now there is. Woopra is an application which analyses your site [...]

What Do You Blog About (And Why?)

Feel free to emphasise any of the words in the title. No, this isn’t another “Seinfeld post“, at least, I hope that’s not how it comes out. Firstly, an apology: I do not consider myself qualified to write about blogging, beyond putting down my own experiences. If you are interested in the mechanics, there are [...]

Slight (Site) Changes

In the continuing spirit of openness, I thought I’d let you know of two (2) recent changes I made. Recent as in within the last hour.