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The Psychic Mafia

I am indebted to the Bad Psychics forums for pointing me at an online copy of the book “The Psychic Mafia“.  This book exposes the tricks of psychics and how they are used to con the unwitting.  I have reproduced the book on this site – you can start reading it by looking at the [...]

Big Finish – Audio Productions

A few months ago, I finished the series of posts on the TV series of Sapphire & Steel. If you will recall, they ended in 1982 and were consigned to the television history books. It’s worth noting that although it was somewhat different from most other shows of the time, UK television was pushing the [...]

On Scepticism

Image by ASurroca via Flickr I have been doing a little light reading recently, mostly online.  I don’t want to discuss the content of what I have been reading, though.  Instead I would like to discuss the reactions to the reading I have been doing.  The nature of true scepticism is to have an open [...]


Well, it’s taken me around 10 months to write up these posts and we’re now at the end of the television series.  This series was a big part of my childhood and pretty much spoiled me for “normal” sci-fi or horror.  Not for me the joys of “pew pew lasers!” shows or simple non-psychological horror.  [...]

Assignment Six

So here we are, after almost a year we are now at the final episode of Sapphire and Steel.  I really thought that this wouldn’t take me all that long to do.  For such an inventive television series, six series seems very short.  Many other shows ran on for much longer and stand the test [...]

Assignment Five

Assignment Five has it’s detractors.  It’s one which, oddly, doesn’t entirely fit in with the rest of the series.  As we have seen with the other Assignments, they are all set “today” with an outside force opening a door to a previous era to allow someone or something to come through.  In this one, the [...]