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You Got Here How??

It occurs to me that I haven’t done a navel gazing post in ages. Which means we are long overdue one and, because it’s both my site and my rules, you have to sit through another one. Lucky you. So, how people got here. Filthy minded people are still my primary resource. Welcome perverts and [...]


Because I hold you all in such high regard (*pause, gesture, sincere forehead*) I’m going to come clean about a few things.  Things you need to know about. (*pause, gesture, furrowed brow*).  Some of these things you will have noticed immediately, others you may not have (*look around, meeting everyone’s eye, sincere half-smile*). My all-knowing [...]

The Plugins I Use on this Site

Ever wondered how I get the site to do any of the things it does? Mmm, me too. The joy of WordPress (really, most decent blog engines) are the plugins you can use to make your blog do a variety of tricks. Some of the things here are hand-coded, which is a good way of [...]

Slight (Site) Changes

In the continuing spirit of openness, I thought I’d let you know of two (2) recent changes I made. Recent as in within the last hour.