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Proper Snow At Last

Finally, after years of waiting, we have had proper snow here! It’s several centimetres deep and makes excellent snowballs. Now, you Canadians and people similarly used to snow may scoff, but a cold and nasty sleet is the best we usually do here in the South East UK. So yah boo sucks to you! On [...]

How Did You Get Here?

This may seem to be a little nosy, but I have been looking at the various visitors and posters that come here and while I can probably guess in some cases, I am genuinely curious as to how my visitors come here. Now, my reason for being here is obvious – it’s my site.  Some [...]

A Few Random Jottings

None of these things is worth a full post on it’s own. So here are some random thoughts: Recycling – until the council forced us to seperate our rubbish out I had thought that a collection every two weeks wasn’t enough. Now I realise that 75% of our rubbish is paper/cardboard so two weeks seems [...]

No Reason At All

There is absolutely no reason for this particular entry. No reason at all. If this makes less sense than usual, unblock in your adblocker or flashblocker. Click the “more” link to see what this is or is not about.

This Blog is Rated ‘PG’

While browsing through my WordPress dashboard and looking at the incoming links section I noticed that RT Cunningham (of Untwisted Vortex fame) had a blog rating on his site. It made me smile, so I got one too. I have the word “porn” twice, apparently. And 2 posts turn up if you use the search [...]

Free Porn for $10

I feel a wee bit guilty. I haven’t updated this site in ages, leading Mr and Mrs Norris Webster of Cleethorpes to believe that the site is now obsolete. It’s not – it’s just that I have had nothing to say and a long time to say it. Additionally, I had a 2 week holiday [...]