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Mystical Death Attempt Live On Air

This story has been doing the rounds recently and I have been fascinated and appalled in equal measure.  Sanal Edamaruku, the head of the Indian Rationalists’ Association (membership is currently over 100,000) volunteered to be killed live on air by someone using mystical magical holy super powers. Pandit Surender Sharma was the man who was [...]

Tim Minchin – Storm

Tim Minchin is well-known in the skeptical world.  An Aussie musician/singer/comedian he applies his knowledge to his music and brings forth some wonderful songs. In his 9 minute beat poem Storm, he is able to distil a million tiring conversations and can show us all why some people get that throbbing vein in their temple [...]

The Full Facts book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland

This is the post I had planned to make before I messed up.  As someone with an interest in the various tricks that psychics, mediums, tarot readers and similar use, Ian Brodie‘s suggestion that I read this book was welcome.  Ian Rowland is a very clear and concise writer and clearly has a love for [...]

What Is Hot Reading?

You enter the theatre to hear what the psychic you have come to see can tell the audience.  You’ve paid your entry fee, milled around excitedly in the lobby beforehand and now the lights are dimming.  The psychic gives you the preamble – negative energies interfere with the spirits, no guarantees that your loved one [...]

What Is Cold Reading?

I’ve been pretty lax in my posting.  Back in 2007, I posted about the Forer Effect and had every intention of following it up.  Now you know why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions!  To rectify that, let’s talk about cold reading. With the Forer (or Barnum) Effect, we saw how making generalised, non-specific statements [...]

News on Robert Lancaster

Who he? You may be asking.  Robert Lancaster is the mastermind behind two great sites: “StopKaz” and “Stop Sylvia Browne“.  If you read any sceptical sites, particularly the James Randi Educational Foundation site, you will know about him.  Read on and you will discover why the second reference looks like that. A note on Robert [...]