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Upgrade and a New Look

In my usual half arsed way, I decided on a whim to see if I was running the latest version of Wordpress. As ever, it turns out that I wasn’t. Anyone surprised? Anyone at all?

Now, if I were more organised, I could have subscribed to the release notification mailing lis (it’s at the bottom of the page), but I didn’t. Anyway, I’m now on version 2.2.3 - get it if your version is older. It will be full of security and bug fixes.

I also changed the theme, because it wasn’t working (that’ll stop me tinkering) and some people had problems seeing bits of it. This theme is called Fluid Blue and looks pretty good. I have tinkered minimally with it - mainly to activate plugins - and so far it’s working well. Do let me know if anything doesn’t appear to work. Apart from the Links page and the SiteMap page - I know the links don’t work yet. They both work now.

Back to Basics

I have redownloaded the basics of my favourite theme - Phenom - and will be (very carefully) changing the CSS and adding in extras that I need.

Hopefully this one won’t break :arse:

Oh God…..Still

Just a heads up on just what it is I think I’m doing.

I like the current theme based on Phenomv2. But there are a few things I’d like it to do differently. I also like a few things in the K2 theme and I like a few other things. I am discovering that it’s harder to make major changes to an existing theme than it is to start from scratch. Which is what I am likely to do.

So, the new theme what I am writing will look very much like the current theme, but will have tweaks to add in the other things I like and to just tidy it up. I am likely to redesign the header too - the jpeg has too many artifacts in it and just needs to change a bit.

Should be an interesting ride!

Oh God, He’s At It Again

Do you remember how I asked you to Bear With Me? Well, Hari very kindly sent me over a theme of his designing to play around with. Ungrateful wretch that I am, I have gone with the K2 theme and am setting about trying to break it irreparably. So things will be very changeable here for a little while.

Bear with me :)