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Comment King - Again

for week commencing 12 AprilWell, to all those naysayers, I say blerrt. Yet again I am the Comment King for Untwisted Vortex.

Thanks RT, wonder if I can make it three times?? :)

Comment King

Comment King Award w/e 20080405Oh yes, I am indeed the Comment King. For week ending 5th April, anyway. R T Cunningham hosts a semi-regular contest for the Comment King or Queen on his blog. To take part is easy, all you have to do is to leave a comment against his posts on the specially crafted “comment area”. And that’s it really. The catch is that you have to leave more comments than any other commenter.

Oh, and don’t think you can just spam his site with a load of crap to get this highly prestigious and sought after award. Like most bloggers, most sensible bloggers anyway, RT keeps an eye out for spammers and other malcontents. So be sure to leave only useful and insightful posts. Only the finest artisan created posts get the chance to gain the award (award shown is actual size).

Aside from the award I assume there’s some sort of castle, kingdom and jewellery still to come. I can wait……

Plugin News

Now here’s a convoluted way of getting a plugin. I was looking through Hari’s blog, the blogroll in particular and followed a link to a post on R T Cunningham’s blog. Browsing around there, I noticed he had a plugin applied which gave similar posts in a list. Which reminded me that the latest upgrade of Wordpress broke the version of the same plugin that I was using and I have to deactivate it.

So, I went back to the plugin site and noticed that there was a new version out. I downloaded it and installed it and added the relevant code to my single.php file and lo! the plugin works and I now have a list of similar posts again. So, thanks to RT for jogging my memory and thanks to Rob Marsh for an excellent plugin!

In other news, you may also notice that I have added, again, Browser Sniff which tells the world which browser and OS you used while posting a comment to this site. It wasn’t working (or I forgot and didn’t reuse it after an upgrade) and it works perfectly under WP 2.3. So thank you to Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo for this plugin.

So there you go, a maintenance post about some maintenance on the site, albeit with stacks of links. Check the contract, I never promised you a roller coaster ride of excitement. I may have implied it, but never promised it.