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WordPress 2.7

As predicted by me old mucker Mr Corey, I am letting you know that I have now installed 2.7 – this is a major milestone and gives an entirely new look to the dashboard.  Get it here and learn about the install here and the upgrade here. users were upgraded a few days [...]

WordPress 2.6.3

When I dipped in to upgrade some plugins this evening, my dashboard kindly told me that I needed to upgrade from WordPress 2.6.2 to WordPress 2.6.3. Get the latest version here. In short, it seems that the library used to fetch the dashboards feeds, named Snoopy, has a vulnerability and this upgrade fixes that. So, [...]

WordPress 2.6.2

Another quick heads up peeps.  WordPress 2.6.2 is out and you should update ASAP – especially if you allow registrations on your blog. See the WordPress Dev Blog for details, but in short the new update fixes the SQL Column Truncation vulnerability and the weakness of mt_rand().  Apparently other PHP apps are vulnerable too – [...] 2.6.1

Quick Note: WordPress 2.6.1 is out.  If you are running an older version, especially if you haven’t even gone to 2.6.0 yet, you should upgrade – you’re missing out on new functionality and you may be at risk of having your site taken over. Things to remember when upgrading: deactivate your plugins first, not all [...]

WordPress 2.6 & Spam Karma 2

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, but here are two important announcements for anyone running the .org version of WordPress. Firstly, WordPress 2.6 is now out.  There are, as usual, lots of new things in this release and they ae all listed here.  One thing I noticed is that I have had [...]

WordPress 2.5.1

For all those of us running, just a heads up to say that a point released is available.  Previous big number release was 2.5 and this is 2.5.1. The Developer’s Blog has full details of the reasons for this upgrade, but in short: Performance improvements for the Dashboard, Write Post, and Edit Comments pages. [...]